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Assimilation & Support


As ADG explores investment acquisition opportunities, we're constantly looking for that one opportunity that will create the most value for our investors. But the idea of value doesn't stop at the investment and the potential return: it's foundational to what we continue to offer as we inject ADG philosophies of management and operation into the acquisition.

So what does that value look like on a practical level? How can ADG grow the value of the acquisition for the benefit of both the investor and the individual representing the inside of that company?


We achieve this through our process of Assimilation & Support, which is facilitated by our team of skilled operators. This team provides, not only subject matter expertise, but also the ability to quickly determine the following:

  • Which factors are key to a company's current success

  • Which factors are in any way detrimental to maintaining that success

  •  Which factors can be injected into the mix for optimal performance


This process was designed from experience and expertise. Its seamless application plays a major role in providing the increase in value for all parties.


Assimilation Process

  • Assimilation Process Discussions

  • Systemic Plan

On-Going Encouragement & Support

  • Operational Development & Support

  • Financial Planning & Review

  • Annual Management Retreat

  • ADG Advisory Team Access

  • Culture Enhancement

  • Corporate Chaplain

  • ADG Monday Morning Prayer Call

  • Monthly Coaching Session for President/CEO

  • Ongoing Operational & Strategic Growth Assistance

  • Training/Implementation – DUO Standards of Excellence

Subject Matter Expertise

  • People & Culture Development

  • Operational Efficiency

  • Corporate Finance

  • Strategic Planning & Analysis

  • Marketing & Brand Development

  • Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Patent & Intellectual Property  

  • Biblical Leadership

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