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“How does your faith

    impact your investing?”

That's the question we’ve been asking ourselves. Honestly, it's really concerned us.

We want to honor God in all areas of life – and our finances don’t get a pass. We believe our vocations should be driven by the light of God’s Word. We want to make an impact for eternity, and we don’t think we need to sacrifice investment performance to do so.


In order to figure out how to do this,

we went on a journey



We started with responsible investing. Basically, filtering out negative funds. But this still left us lacking. This was the 1.0 of our journey: get the bad companies out.


2.0 got us to Impact Investing. Sure, we wanted to avoid the bad stuff, but we also wanted to do good stuff for Christ as well. We wanted to make an impact. However, 2.0 still left us being okay with companies just making environmentally friendly granola bars...


Now we're in the 3.0 phase. We want to truly impact lives for Christ through the avenue of business. What we do is "Kingdom Impact Investing". And we think it’s pretty exciting: make a return and impact in lives.

The Real Distinctive




Our distinctive is focusing on people, performance and purpose. It’s what we call P3.


We work to create business cultures and environments where people truly flourish. Peter Drucker was absolutely right when he said, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”


This is the result of doing the people and culture element well. The natural outflow of aligned culture and a defined Operating System is effective performance.


Purpose drives us. We build companies where people find greater meaning in their day jobs. We restore fulfillment to the workplace so that lives are impacted for Christ.

Contact Us

If you are interested in learning more about Ambassador Development Group and our mission, please fill out this brief form and we will reach out to schedule a time to visit.

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