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Exiting Your Business Without Ending Your Legacy

According to our research, an estimated 50% of small market company owners are 50 years of age or older, and that as high as 55-60% of owners facing retirement have not identified a successor or succession plan for their business. There are many considerations when a small market company owner either needs to or wants to exit their business. Christ followers have so much more to consider when exiting their business.

succession planning

ADG is a tremendous option for the Christian business owner who 1) wants to take their business to the next level or 2) is considering selling or exiting their business in the near future. Just like any other area of life, it is important to plan this exit to not only maximize the value of the business but for the sake of the employees and the continued kingdom-impact of the business. It is our desire to identify Christian business owners who have spent much of their life building their businesses and provide them with an option to exit their business with that maximum value and an assurance of ongoing kingdom impact.

ADG provides a seminar to assist Christian business owners through this exiting process (click here for a complete synopsis). To find out more OR to sponsor a seminar for the business owners in your area, please contact: Steve Casbon @ 919.423.2518 or

Steve Casbon is a Managing Partner at ADG. Click here to read more about Steve's experience and background.

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