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  • Stephen Leckenby

What Else Could We Possibly Want?

If you are one of those who has visited ADG’s website, you had the opportunity to learn more about our Leadership Team and some of their experience and reasons for why they are now involved with this venture. In particular, Steve Casbon’s bio closes with “…his unique approach to coaching and encouraging inspires people to unleash their God-given potential.” This is a foundational principle of who Steve is as an individual, but we are now beginning to see the impact of that principle inside ADG’s portfolio of companies.

Exponential Impact | One of the things that ADG incorporates inside each newly acquired company is the Culture Index tool. In a nutshell, CI helps to optimize people to maximize the bottom line. This aligns very specifically with ADG’s “how” when it comes to having long-term impact on a company. However, what takes ADG’s process a step further is the implementation of an exclusive, proprietary system of selecting the people to build with. And that system has a heavy focus on how, while optimizing and maximizing people to impact the bottom line, we are placing EQUAL focus on the development of people, the individuals themselves.

Right Person, Right Seat | Each company we work with is in a state of growth. Positive, upward movement is a significant reason we involved ourselves in said company in the first place. The more change that take place, the more we need to evaluate each position in the company, how it remains relevant and by whom it is filled. Even if we determine that we have all the right job descriptors in place, we need to be willing to move those to the right person.

The team we have in place at ADG brings a wealth of experience in people development to the table. A key factor in that development is building job descriptions and scope of responsibility around a person’s natural giftings. If we truly believe that we are called to help people unleash their God-given potential, we have a responsibility to make sure we aren’t attempting to fit a square peg into the proverbial round hole by being rigid and unwavering in our job descriptions. Rather, we want to make the highest and best use of a person’s natural giftings and abilities. This is where our exclusive system of selection and placement along with lateral reassignment make such an impact.

So…Still Just Theory? | This concept of optimizing people to maximize the bottom line while simultaneously creating opportunity for highest and best use of giftings is a lofty goal. However, we are already seeing it play out in our portfolio of companies.

At Fusion Event Staffing in Georgia, we are in the process of bringing in a new member of senior management. The ADG process has already revolutionized the selection process by creating an entirely new focus in how the job opportunity has been represented. In addition, it has influenced the type of candidate to whom an interview is offered AND the way in which the interview itself is conducted.

In Oklahoma, Horizon Hydraulics has already created and staffed a new senior management position AND created an internal management team of 6. This particular team was created by internal promotions given to individuals who we determined had the natural giftings to be leading in their fields of expertise…and leading in character and behavior as well. All of this has been made possible by the unified focus of optimizing profit opportunity and accelerating the value that each individual can create.

It’s All Really Happening | ADG launched with a mission and vision that clearly stated the desire to build successful ventures here on earth that could have dramatic, quantifiable impact in the greater Kingdom. We are grateful to see these things coming to pass. We are privileged to be surrounded by such an exceptional group of business leaders who align with these concepts. We are humbled by the number of investors who have trusted ADG to bring about the desired results on all fronts. But most of all, we are motivated to stay this course and charge down it with even more fervor and determination. Kingdom impact IS happening! What else could we possibly want?

Stephen Leckenby serves as ADG's Director of Communications

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