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Radical Impact...One-to-One

“Radical Impact” is a key element of the ADG mission. Yes, we want to have it on the operations of our companies. But even more so, we want to see it occur in the lives of our team members. One of the ways we endeavor to fulfill this lofty goal is with the engagement of Marketplace Chaplains.

Marketplace Chaplains provides a personalized and proactive employee care service through the use of Chaplain Care Teams which are voluntary to use, neutral from company operations and strictly confidential. Male, female and ethnically diverse chaplains are either full time or assignment-based depending on company locations and numbers of employees served. These chaplain teams make regularly scheduled work site visits. Marketplace Chaplains has been having Radical Impact on companies across North America for over 25 years. Learn more about Marketplace Chaplains' Employee Care Services.

One of the most valuable tools provided by Marketplace Chaplains outside the actual one-to-one interactions is their itemized quarterly reporting. In it, a company can see number of Chaplain site visits, engagements, types of conversation, length of conversation, etc. The reports even provide a detailed breakdown of the topics covered in these interactions such as family, illness, stress, grief, marriage and more. This allows company leadership to have their finger directly on the pulse of the soul of their team members...all while maintaining confidentiality and anonymity. And it has impact. How do we know? Just read these stories from the Chaplains themselves!

One of my favorite things about being a chaplain are those moments when those "closed off", quiet, reserved employees all of a sudden bust wide open. This happened again recently and I was so honored to be so trusted. Two different employees, both going through very painful experiences, shared all. Typically people hold back what might embarrass them or make them vulnerable but in these two cases, they were so transparent and open and it allowed for amazing conversation, real talk, encouragement, reconnection to church in both cases, and some significant advancement in their situations. I love seeing God work when people least expect it. I think for a lot of employees, the chaplains are sometimes their last hope...but that's okay with me...people are the most open at that point and most accepting of both practical and spiritual advice. I'm thrilled to be a small part for them.”

“A company leader invited me and a couple of the management people to his office to talk about stress/crisis — he said he had been to the emergency room over the weekend due to the pressure they were under and he wanted them all to process it all better. We discussed James 1 and prayed for confidence to lean into the Lord. I’m thankful for the opportunity to speak into the daily stress that these individuals carry and am honored that they trusted me enough to do so. They all have my card/number and know that they can call anytime.”

We are grateful for the partnership we have with Marketplace Chaplains. We hope that you will take advantage of their services and find out just how powerful their impact can be on your company and your team. Powerful…and Radical.

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