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Getting Strategic with Radical Impact

"Radical Impact" is a phrase we've used for several years at ADG. It reflects the level of Christ like influence that our team strives to have on the portfolio companies and people we serve. One thing we know is that radical impact on a company follows a radical impact on the people. And radical impact on people can sometimes come through the application of very basic business practices, if they're built into your business management process and strategy.

Here are four people oriented strategies that are reaping rewards within ADG and are having a radical impact:

1. Find the Best People

2. Create Opportunity for the Best People

3. Build a Team from those Best People

4. Experience the Radical Impact those Best People have….on the company and, ultimately, on the people with whom that company comes into contact

The goal of bringing people together to accomplish common goals sounds simple and basic as many human dynamics issues do. However, it is actually a complex road that is only successfully navigated when you chart the course and diligently follow the path. Find the best people. Empower and equip them. Build them into a collaborative team. And don't ever forget to celebrate the accomplishments. This is part of that complex path to Radical Impact. (We found these great quotes inside and article about teamwork featured on the Atassian blog. We encourage you to take a moment and check out more of what they had to say.)

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