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Welcome New CEO Jane Gentry

We are excited & honored to announce Jane as our new CEO - and we can’t wait for you to meet her!

Over the last 27 yrs, Fusion Event Staffing & J Williams Agency (30+ yrs) have served as leaders in the industry by presenting incredible event ambassadors & trade show talent to represent amazing brands – and we’re just getting started.

Jane’s passion and experience in driving results by putting people first could not be more suited for our agencies - since we’re in the people business! As we launch into a new season of growth, we believe our foundation and Jane’s extraordinary skill to lead well will generate the results we all expect.

​​While one of her strengths is the unique approach in uniting a team with meaningful & strategic vision-casting, her ability to encourage you to Dare to be Remarkable is a special gift. “I believe God has given each leader an exclusive, remarkable gift – and it’s my opportunity as a leader to help others leverage their strengths & gifts to serve one another”, shared Jane. “And by doing so in our exciting world of experiential & trade show staffing, the results generated for our internal teams, nationwide talent, and our client partnerships will be unmatched.”

Her experience in Experiential Marketing, Sales Leadership, Consulting, Executive Coaching and Keynoting spans 30 years helping clients create engaging, collaborative and profitable relationships. Jane has been on the speaking platform at high-profile meetings from Canada to the Czech Republic, and audiences and clients have described her as “a woman with a vision,” “energetic” and “inspiring”. She has worked with the world’s most successful organizations including Assurant, The Home Depot, Milliken, Philips, Coca-Cola, Mercedes Benz, BAE Systems, Stryker, GSK, Lennox, Transamerica, Wellpoint and SAIC.

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