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ADG Acquires Fusion Event Management


Ambassador Development Group (ADG) invests in Fusion Event Staffing to help expand and develop new and existing markets in the brand ambassador and short-term staffing market sector.

Ambassador Development Group is a faith-based investment firm that exists to operate profitable, operationally efficient, Kingdom Class companies that “Radically Impact the Lives of Those We Serve”. The firm accomplishes this objective by carefully selecting companies that align with its mission and values. ADG has a gifted team of industry and subject matter experts who come alongside the companies and their leaders to help develop and implement strategic growth initiatives to maximize the value and salability.

Fusion Event Staffing

On June 1, 2017, ADG completed the acquisition of Fusion Event Staffing (FMP) located in Alpharetta, GA ( FMP provides event ambassadors to support nationwide corporate and promotional events supporting promotional sales, trade shows, sporting events, flash mobs, product sampling, just to name a few. For the past 23 years, FMP has developed a dominate name ID and recognition in this industry. FMP’s current clients range across industries and include Coca-Cola, Delta, Chick-fil-A, McDonald’s, Boys & Girls Club, Dannon, Verizon, MicroSoft MLS Program, Dewalt Tools, and ComEd. Additionally, FMP has extensive relationships with many of the major marketing and PR firms throughout the US. They provide in-depth training to their ambassadors (employees) and have developed a solid infrastructure to accurately and efficiently manage their processes.

fusion staff leadership program

FMP’s success is undisputable. However, it is not just the business success that made this acquisition attractive for ADG. The major differentiating factor for FMPs ambassadors verses other agencies is the level of training required. Each Ambassador is required to work through a custom-created video training course that embraces and promote the philosophy and character of work expected. They are held accountable for their actual assignment and work performance by a field supervisor and direct feedback from client surveys and account manager follow up. The character to which each individual is held accountable is the same kind of character that is foundational to the Kingdom-Class culture ADG is striving to develop. This acquisition allowed ADG to provide investors with an attractive financial opportunity while simultaneously accomplishing the goal of “radical impact”.

fusion event staffing

Fusion will be led by 15-year industry veteran Mike Kovak. Mike has previously served as VP of Sales for Fusion and prior to that served in business development roles in the advertising agency arena. Fusion will continue to be headquartered in Alpharetta, GA.

For more information, please contact Steve Casbon at

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