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  • Ladell Graham

Spiritual Immigration

For hundreds of years, people have flocked to our shores here in America because of what they have seen and what they have read. Many risked their lives on a hope and a dream that those words, those pictures gave a true representation of what they could expect when they arrived in this country. From their perspective, our political situation mattered little. They would give anything to better themselves and create a better life for their family.

​​So it is in business.

spiritual immigration

​​We know beyond a shadow of a doubt that people need to see what life is like in The Kingdom. We know that the philosophies we are working from have both eternal value AND temporal benefit. And THIS is where ADG’s cultural development comes in and why it is such an integral part of our process. We want people to be drawn to us and to our companies by both the financial success and the culture that drives it. We want to create environments that are so attractive that potential team members will do whatever is necessary to get into these environments. The dual benefit is that we impact more and more families AND we begin to attract a higher and higher level of talent.

What are YOU doing today to impact your culture? This impact opens wide the doors of growth and opportunity. As business leaders, what more could we ask for?

Ladell Graham is a Managing Partner with ADG. Click here to read more about Ladell's experience and background.

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