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Todd DeKruyter
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Combining an entrepreneurial spirit with a missional focus, Todd DeKruyter uses his financial and philanthropic expertise to help men and women stay true to what matters as they navigate professional and financial success. 

His Role


As Director of Legacy Services, Todd works with messaging, securing investors and promoting the ADG Kingdom Impact Fund.

Director of Legacy Services

His Story

Todd serves as the founder and CEO of DK Financial. DK Financial helps the business side of family by facilitating and coaching families on wholistic alignment, discovering purpose and building cohesion. Similar to an architect for your house, DK Financial helps figure out where families are, and where they are going before implementation occurs. Money pulls our focus to the temporal; oftentimes, high net individuals need help pulling their focus back to what matters most. The driving passion for the group is families on mission together, impacting eternity.


Previously, Todd was the President of Family Meridian, an organization focused on helping families endure when money can pull them apart. Prior to serving at Family Meridian, Todd spent eight years as an executive at Larson Financial and eight years as a pastor. 


Todd earned his BA from Huntington University in Bible and Religion and his MA in Christian Studies from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. He also studied at the Harvard Business School. He lives in Fishers, Indiana with his wife, Janelle, and their two sons and two daughters.

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